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Steve Oldfield talks to some of the actors in the new action movie “G.I. Joe: Retaliation” Check out the video for his take on the film.

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First I share some details with you…



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Fairy Tail 175 END

Meals of a day

Alter 1/8 Kasugano Sora – Review and photos

I decided to make the most of the spring snow and take some outdoor photos of my Kasugano Sora 1/8 figure by Alter. I meant to take some snow shots in winter but it was too cold and I didn’t, so seeing the march snow quickly melting I rushed out (in sandals, which was refreshing) to take some last chance shots.

Sora is a stunning figure, I’d go as far as saying she’s my favourite figure in the figure world at the moment! Alter have managed to capture and recreate the key fragility element of the character through beautiful attention to detail. The facial expression is prefect and means the figure can be captured at different angles to give a slightly different impression. Lucky sun shadowing allows for natural shades and highlights to be created, interacting elegantly with the different textures and layers.

The hands are finely sculpted and interact…

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Russian Meteor—Another Shock to the System | Space News

The recent explosion of a large meteor over Russia caused hundreds of injuries and considerable damage to local buildings—the most destructive such event in more than 100 years. The explosion has also raised new questions pointing directly to the behavior of large meteors in the Electric Universe.

Here is a simple experiment by a member of the Thunderbolts group, relating to the APPEARANCE of material ejected in the forward direction at 6:22 in this presentation:

The experiment demonstrates some interesting optical effects of scratches on a transparent surface such as a windshield. A good reason to avoid shouting more exotic speculations as fact, something that has already occurred in Internet comments on the video segment. All fact-based interpretations of the clip, however, will be welcome.

For a relevant Thunderbolts Picture of the Day, see The Peekskill Meteor:…

More Proof how modern science is stuck in limbo.


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Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? Review

The Pantless Anime Blogger

This is review number one hundred and sixty four. This is part of the Winter 2011 lineup. It’s Kore wa Zombie desu ka? It’s an awesome show about a dude who is a zombie but is also a magical girl. Don’t worry, he has a harem and a lot of girls are in the show. There are also a lot of panty shots courtesy of the dude. It’s been awhile since I last reviewed an anime. I got in a hot streak of watching anime but my hard drive couldn’t keep up. I was forced to dump my 80 GB for 500 GB. That is not enough for me but that’s the best my limited financial capabilities can handle. At least I can marathon like crazy now. Until my laptop f*cks up again, anyways. I need to catch up on my list but anyways, this is a thirteen episode anime…

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