Hunter X Hunter movie to be screened in the Philippines

Hunter X Hunter Movie Coming Soon in Philippine Sm Cinema

The Random Agenda

Pleased. Extremely pleased.

After SM Cinema exclusively showcased Rurouni Kenshin, I didn’t expect for another Japanese film to be screened soon in mainstream theaters. I am glad that I was proven wrong.

To add even more icing to the cake, it’s an anime! If my memory serves me right, the last anime I’ve seen in the big screen was Pokemon. And that was about Mew. That’s probably the time that there were only 150 pokemons. I’m not sure how many are there now.

But back to the story, earlier, SM Cinema posted a poster on their Facebook page, announcing that they’re showing Hunter x Hunter here. Based on the poster below, the plot circles on Genei Ryodan. Digging more on the news, I found out that its title is Hunter x Hunter: Phantom Rouge. And apparently, it topped the box office in Japan and a sequel is already in production.

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