Naruto, chapter 624. Who killed Izuna?

Thoughts on anime

This chapter has finished the arc about Hashirama and Madara as children. We learned that Madara went against Hashirama because Hashirama was from the Senju clan, as silly as it sounds. I am a little disappointed with that conclusion. Madara seemed so intelligent, and in a blink of an eye he had reduced himself into all-for-vengeance type. I don’t like it at all.


Right after saying that he lost his belief into the idea of a shinobi village, Madara said to his father that the fight will be perilous, because Hashirama is stronger than him. I thought that was a trick to stop the fight. But after that Madara really did go and fight Hashirama. I don’t know why he changed to fast and radically.

After this point Madara started to develop into a villain. Another turning point seemed the death of Izuna. Madara blamed Hashirama for that death…

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