Naruto: Road to Ninja and One Piece Film Z to hit PH theaters too

One Piece Film and Naruto goes to PH

The Random Agenda

Great news for anime fans in the Philippines!

Aside from the HunterxHunter movie, SM Cinema and Pioneer Films will also bring Naruto: Road to Ninja Movie, which I fangirl-ed over last year, and One Piece Film Z to the country’s big screens.

According to the movie house,  One Piece will be shown beginning May 1, while screening for the Naruto film will be on May 15.

Film Z_SM

Road to Ninja_SM

But in a recent Facebook update, SM moved the screen date for Road to Ninja this coming April. I’m sure many are excited.

I still don’t know much about the One Piece movie, but while I was researching on the HunterxHunter movie, it appeared that the film also topped the box office in Japan.  Anime News Network reported that it was the HunterxHunter movie that bumped it down the box office.

Seriously though, with anime a staple in free television, why are they only…

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