Robotics;Notes Episode 21

Helur's Reviews

We finally looped all the way back to the first scene of the show, so here comes the final showdown between Sumeragi and Gunvarrel! The whole show has been for this moment, so I hope the high expectations I set are well invested. This was a good preparation episode complete with a confession and kiss scene.

ep 21 - kiss

You know the best shows are those that don’t go overboard on the romance part since  most shows try too hard in anime. Their relationship, and progress was very tactful and adorable, but I found it odd how they animated her legs as jelly during the confession. I enjoyed the reaction by the other club members almost as much as I enjoyed the confession.

ep 21 Geji Dies

I felt bad for Geji-nee since she was disposed of in a seemly pointless event. Wait, did they always have those flying turret drones? Thankfully it wasn’t truly pointless since…

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