Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha: The Movie 2nd A’s

The Anime Rambler - By Benigmatica

What can I say, this movie version of the second season not only it became the best thing ever, but it exceeds its expectations. (Not to mentioned that it’s longer too!) From detailed fights (as usual from the 1st movie), to even more backstory to some characters like Ms. Lindy Harlaown, who is involved with the previous Book of Darkness incident.

As for the Book of Darkness (or the Tome of the Night Sky), at least it didn’t trigger by some random people from the Dimensional Administration Bureau, but the book’s defense system itself. Well, at least it makes sense to have the book getting out of control instead! Oh, and don’t worry Hayate… Reinforce will be back!

Bottom line, this movie could be the pinnacle of the Nanoha franchise at this very moment. Now, if only Seven Arcs can animate Nanoha Vivid or Force, or even make a 3rd…

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