Review: GJ-Bu

Another Castle

With next week being the finale of GJ-Bu, I thought I would give it a quick review. Here’s hoping the finale is good!


A slice of life anime about four female high school students in a meaningless club who force a male high school student, Kyoya Shinomiya, to join their meaningless club. Called the GJ “Good Job” Club, the five high school students go about their daily after-school lives eating cake, drinking tea and getting into crazy antics. The four female students each have different, yet very stereotypical, personalities.


Kyoya “Kyoro” Shinomiya. Kyoya, nicknamed “Kyoro” by his group members, is possibly one of the most boring male protagonists I’ve ever watched. His skills (from what I’ve observed) are combing hair and looking good in drag. He is extremely kind and thoughtful but for a protagonist there just isn’t a whole lot of character development.

Mao Amatsuka:…

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