Stayhome Saturday?

Fox Diary

I want to stay home the entire day today, but nope. Can’t do that.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • OreShura 11
  • Haganai NEXT 11
  • Little Busters! 23
  • Puchimas 57 – 58

Starting off with Chiwachiwa!
Though.. She’s pretty sharp to notice. Hime, Ai and Chiwa all care greatly for Eita (A-ta LOL) but Masuzu is the only one giving perfect answers all the time. Of course, Eita’s sharp enough to notice that she’s the only one that’s alone. I’m sure he’s noticed the problem she has with her family especially when the little sister came over to bug her, but what will he do about it? Masuzu seems pretty walled up regarding her feelings. It’s like she’s been traumatized or something and refuses to fall in love.
Meanwhile, Tsunko and Dereko are apparently 2 different Ai-s. But that’s what makes her cute, especially the…

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