How Playing Games Can Be Of Benefit To Your Children

More than any other generation, today’s children have grown up with video games and the internet as part of their daily life. Educational games are known to enhance children’s learning and many are approved by teachers and played in the classroom. Parents and teachers often talk about the negative effects of playing video games. However, studies by leading researchers have shown that playing video games could actually boost children’s learning and development.

But what about the online video games that your children play for fun? Can battling aliens such as Ben 10 or shooting at zombies really have a positive impact? You may be interested to learn that many psychologists believe so. They believe that playing video games can enhance brain development and help to develop hand-eye co-ordination. Many recent online video games such as Ben Ten Alien Maker can help children to develop their creativity. Other games could develop planning and problem-solving skills.

They also believe that playing video games can assist with other life skills such as persistence, resilience and problem solving. In addition it is believed they can help children to become better team players and assist in teaching them to follow rules.

Children are captivated by their favourite cartoon action-heroes, whilst parents feel safe with the knowledge that playing video games could boost children’s learning and enhance their social and physical development.

About the Author
Mrs Jones is a writer and journalist associated with Cartoon Network. She is a long-time gamer and writes about a wide range of technology subjects in her spare time.

Via Jefusion


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