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Tonight I’m sitting on my bed,
Candles are burning,
I have music playing
My friends left not to long ago
Had a nice day over all… slept in
Woke up needing, wanting the road… so I called
Up one of my friends, who’s like me..always in for
An adventure…Two women on a mission…
As we were in the car… she played this song as I was
Driving… I hadn’t really paid attention to the lyrics
Before but as I was listening to them… I thought of you
Right away, and this feeling came over me
I can’t explain it,
Today I found myself wanting to share moments with you,endless_by_micmojo-d55nuzz
To show you what I was seeing… I saw things there that
Made me think of you… and some made me laugh to myself…
I got some weird looks from my friend cause it was something
That you would usually be afraid…

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