Review: Sankarea

C t r l + G e e k P o d

Sankarea - 06 - Large 09Mechas..tick! Youkais…tick! Vampires…tick! Card demons…tick! Zombies….? Jumping on Hollywood’s “Zombie hype” bandwagon, Sankarea (2012) is one of Japan’s contemporary anime that has welcomed zombies with fresh blood and open arms. Literally. Produced by Studio Deen — aka the creators of Fate/Stay Night (2006) and Vampire Knight (2008) — have they done zombies justice and satisfied the inner geek within us?

Meet Chihiro Furuya, a high school student who has an unusually bizarre interest in zombies. Yes, zombies. And it’s no casual interest in zombies. We’re talking collecting zombie films, videogames, books, and even to the point of desiring a ‘zombie girlfriend’.

Sankarea has nailed all the elements of a brilliant geekfest. Most anime usually aim for a certain direction with their storytelling but Sankarea boldly falls in several categories including ecchi, romance, comedy, horror, gothic, sci-fi and slice of life. With this strangely obscure direction; Sankarea should have no problem in…

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